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Kaj's Front-end Life

I started half 2013 as a CSS developer to follow my dream and work on/with the internet. I like it. I'm specialized in HTML and especially CSS, CSS-architecture and mail-templating. Grunt and Sass are tools in which I know my way around.

Since the beginning of 2016 I started learning JavaScript. One is never to old to learn.
But because I hardly use JavaScript in my daily work, I decided half 2016 to stay focused on CSS. I love CSS and the possibilities with CSS. So much is happening in CSS, so much new stuff to learn. So better a specialised then a little CSS and JS.
Skills I want to get better at are; Brand, Behavior and Interaction design and data visualisation. Tools I want to know better are photoshop and sketching.

I think it's important to build future proof. I also believe that building maintainable is important so other Front-end developers can work on/ with my code.


Another passion of mine is Photography. I want to get better and better at this.